Anesthesiology and critical care medicine nr. 1 “Valeriu Ghereg”


International collaboration

International collaborative projects involving collaborators of the chair of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care “Valeriu Ghereg”


  1. European Committee for Education in Anesthesia (ECEA) courses of the European Society of Anesthesia. The project consists of 6 modules (1 module per year), and includes 22 to 24 courses, practical workshops and roundtables, having a unified curriculum and validated internationally (in 110 countries of the world). Chisinau Regional Office Director of ECEA – Adrian Belîi, PhD, Associate Professor. (
  2. Multicenter research project (57 European hospitals) study of risk factors for intense postoperative pain, as well as mechanisms of chronic postsurgical pain, managed by the European Society of Anesthesiology (ESA). Project: ESA-CTN-euCPSP OUT PAIN. Identifier: NCT 01467102. Number of research centers: 22; research center code: 36150 – CNŞPMU. Web-site:
  3. FOSFOM project grants. Every year, 1 – 3 residents in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care are selected for long-term internships (1-2 years) in university hospitals in Brussels, Belgium.
  4. International School of Instructors in Anesthesia (ISIA) consists of 3 modules, one week each, where university teaching staff of the chair is trained by instructors-teachers from abroad in contemporary teaching techniques of theoretical material and practical maneuvers. (ISIA Representative in Republic of Moldova – Head of Chair Sergiu Şandru, PhD, Associate Professor.